Production? or Procrastination?

As I previously stated, I find being alone to be more conducive to productivity. As I am currently in two weeks solitary confinement for the crime of traveling to Bali, I wondered if this would make me more productive? Or if I would slip into a stupor of procrastination, fueled by Netflix, books and chocolate?Continue reading “Production? or Procrastination?”

Promoting Amanda Burchell

Please check out Amanda’s book on smoking with funny anecdotes, which has been published, from my collaborative website I Like Everything Smoked by Amanda Burchell. Available by request, (please enquire via email). Languages: English. Published 26 – May – 2010. Research on taxes from tobacco and comparisons with other pollutants were used amidst funnyContinue reading “Promoting Amanda Burchell”

More time to be productive!

After my previous post, where I concluded I was more productive when alone and the environment did not necessarily have any relevance, I find myself in another situation where I can put this theory to the test. I returned yesterday from a week in Bali, to enter the two week self-isolation phase introduced by theContinue reading “More time to be productive!”

Does a beautiful environment promote productivity?

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about the beautiful environments I’ve been in, and the hope that being ensconced in those surroundings would inspire me to write more and be more creative. So, as I come to my last couple of days in Bali, has it panned out that way? Basically, yes. And no.Continue reading “Does a beautiful environment promote productivity?”

Promoting Angelique Fawns

Please check out Angelique’s stories on my collaborative website “ Planet Nine by Angelique Fawns A Journal of Magical Realism Anthology by The Gateway Review: The story is Planet Nine, actually written under her own name. It will be in the Fall/Winter LGBT issue. It is set in the same futuristic society as “LiveContinue reading “Promoting Angelique Fawns”

How’s this for an office?

Beautiful Bali. From relaxing in the pool with my book, to writing on the patio as a thunderstorm rages. Awesome! I arrived yesterday (11/3), a brave solo traveller in these uncertain times of a world pandemic. So far there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Bali – fingers crossed this continues! It’s veryContinue reading “How’s this for an office?”

Promoting Jacqueline Cripps

Please check out Jacqueline’s two books on transforming your life, which have been published, from my collaborative website, where there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read. // Jacqueline Cripps | free-stories – Read Great StoriesJacqueline holds degrees in Social Sciences and Psychology and has a genuine love ofContinue reading “Promoting Jacqueline Cripps”

Promoting Louise Crossley

Please check out Louise’s children’s stories, of which several have been published, from my collaborative website, there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read: Great news!  Ella’s Handbag, Lollipop Whistle’s Woes and A Birthday Boy Named Jesus, already published in Oz, are contracted to an off shoreContinue reading “Promoting Louise Crossley”

Inspiration vacation

Here I am in beautiful Inverloch, in the south of Victoria (between Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory) for a two week vacation. I’m swimming as much as the weather permits, taking lots of walks, and trying to get my writing mojo flowing. It takes practice to balance being relaxed and being inspired. It’s easy toContinue reading “Inspiration vacation”

Promoting Peter Wigg

Please check out Peter’s short stories, of which some have been published, from my collaborative website ““, there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read: ‘I established this blog in order to publish the many short, pithy stories I have written,’ Peter says. ‘These vary greatly in lengthContinue reading “Promoting Peter Wigg”

Writers I enjoy reading

Virginia Woolf – she had an incredibly unique insight into the human condition, and way of exploring the conflict between identity and the world. She was also one of the few people who could string a single sentence across three pages, using only a few commas and semi-colons, and still keep me engaged! My favouriteContinue reading “Writers I enjoy reading”

Promoting Tessie Dowling

Please check out Tessie’s illustrations from my collaborative website ““, there are also many great authors to chat to and stories to read: Tessie is one of the members of our collaborative World Writers Collective where we writers share resources, ideas and inspiration. Check out Tessie’s work! I will be promoting a different writer fromContinue reading “Promoting Tessie Dowling”

Limnisa Short Story Competition 2020 – update

I thought I had done it. I thought I had written a decent story to enter in this competition. Over the remaining two months before entries close I could hone the story, rewriting over and over to ensure it was the best version possible. First step, give it to a friend to read. He hatedContinue reading “Limnisa Short Story Competition 2020 – update”

Short, but not quite short enough

I finished the first draft of my short story for the Limnisa Short Story Competition 2020. Great work (if I do say so myself), good story, interesting plot twist. Only problem was when I rechecked the entry requirements on the Limnisa site I discovered my story was 1600 words. over the allowed word limit. IContinue reading “Short, but not quite short enough”

Limnisa Short Story Competition 2020

This is one of the submissions I am currently working on (yes, the one inspired during a massage!). If you’re interested in the competition, or their writers’ retreats and services, check out their website – FYI – full disclosure, it is a condition of entry of this competition that I promote Limnisa on myContinue reading “Limnisa Short Story Competition 2020”

Man, can those creative juices flow!

Fantastic 90 minute massage at Body Freedom in South Melbourne (cashing in a birthday gift). Spent the time thinking about a short story I wanted to write for a competition, using a photo and the words ‘Stay rude’ for inspiration. After the massage, a slow walk to Docklands, and a pale ale at The WharfContinue reading “Man, can those creative juices flow!”