‘You’ve lost weight’: The unconscious judgements in compliments

I returned home from overseas in March, and entered two weeks’ isolation under the rules to contain COVID-19. This was early in the virus spread, so I was lucky enough to spend the two weeks in a holiday house near the beach. During those two weeks, I did not leave the property. On sunny days,Continue reading “‘You’ve lost weight’: The unconscious judgements in compliments”

Would you move for love?

This is an interesting question that someone posted to my Twitter group a couple of weeks ago. The answers submitted by members included: ‘Yes! Enthusiastically, anything for love’; ‘No, I’ve done it before and it didn’t work out’; and, ‘I wouldn’t make room on the couch, let alone move to another city’. It got meContinue reading “Would you move for love?”

That was me, then, but not me, now

Advice to writers often consists of ‘write what you know’ and ‘writer from the heart’. As both these things are inconsistent – that is, they change constantly – how difficult is it to be consistent in our writing? Writing a novel can take anywhere from a few weeks to years. It is inconceivable to thinkContinue reading “That was me, then, but not me, now”

Writers Victoria April Flash Fiction

Thanks to Writers Victoria, lock down in April was a lot of fun! They ran a daily Flash Fiction competition for the month. Each day a ‘prompt’ word was tweeted, and writers had until 9pm to tweet their flash fiction reply. All entries had to contain the prompt, and be less than 30 words long.Continue reading “Writers Victoria April Flash Fiction”

Promoting Mat Clarke

Please check out Mat’s short stories from my collaborative website “https://www.worldwriterscollective.com/mat-carke“, there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read. Mat Clarke | free-stories – Read Great Stories This makes sense considering it requires no research. If it happened to you then you are the best person to write aboutContinue reading “Promoting Mat Clarke”

This is sooooo boring

There’s a lot of people complaining online about being bored right now, what with all the restrictions, social distancing and closed attractions. That’s part of the reason we are seeing a more of restriction breakers in public places. ‘Boredom: the desire for desires’ – Leo Tolstoy I’m feeling it today. I have editing that needsContinue reading “This is sooooo boring”

This ain’t so bad (except for all the dying)

Take away the illness and death and economic recession, and this isolation/distancing thing ain’t so bad. Alleviates most of my social phobias. My counsellor was like ‘I knew you’d be enjoying this’ and I’m like ‘Well, the government said I can’t go out, so it’s not my fault’ and he’s like ‘You don’t have toContinue reading “This ain’t so bad (except for all the dying)”

How many Twitter followers do you have?

I’ve been a Twitterati for a few months now. It is an enthralling, engrossing and enriching place to make contact with other writers – new and established – particularly at this time of social isolation when I don’t have access to my usual writing groups and supports. I’ve learnt most writers on Twitter are generousContinue reading “How many Twitter followers do you have?”

Promoting Cecile Ravell

Please check out Cecile’s book on tainted love, of which has been published, from my collaborative website https://www.worldwriterscollective.com/cecile-ravell ‘Love on a Faultline’ takes you under the skin and into those intimate places where a woman’s vulnerability lies. It shows how her fragile sense of self-worth makes her a ‘sitting duck’ for a dominating man andContinue reading “Promoting Cecile Ravell”

Dear World, are you dumping me?

Dear World, Are you dumping me? It feels like you are pulling away from me. I feel isolated and alone. I’m confused, to quote the Handsome Furs. Did I do something wrong? Did I offend you? to quote Lauren Ruth Ward. I know I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to you lately. YouContinue reading “Dear World, are you dumping me?”

Jericho Writers Twitter competition

All right, here’s what I submitted. For the first novel: She cares for the wounded & dying. He’s suffering a mysterious illness. The war gave them opportunities outside their normal lives. Their friendship will give them solace they never anticipated. A story of unexpected comradery during misfortune. Based on actual letters from WW1. And forContinue reading “Jericho Writers Twitter competition”

Production? or Procrastination?

As I previously stated, I find being alone to be more conducive to productivity. As I am currently in two weeks solitary confinement for the crime of traveling to Bali, I wondered if this would make me more productive? Or if I would slip into a stupor of procrastination, fueled by Netflix, books and chocolate?Continue reading “Production? or Procrastination?”

Promoting Amanda Burchell

Please check out Amanda’s book on smoking with funny anecdotes, which has been published, from my collaborative website https://www.worldwriterscollective.com/amanda-burchell I Like Everything Smoked by Amanda Burchell. Available by request, (please enquire via email). Languages: English. Published 26 – May – 2010. Research on taxes from tobacco and comparisons with other pollutants were used amidst funnyContinue reading “Promoting Amanda Burchell”

More time to be productive!

After my previous post, where I concluded I was more productive when alone and the environment did not necessarily have any relevance, I find myself in another situation where I can put this theory to the test. I returned yesterday from a week in Bali, to enter the two week self-isolation phase introduced by theContinue reading “More time to be productive!”

Does a beautiful environment promote productivity?

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about the beautiful environments I’ve been in, and the hope that being ensconced in those surroundings would inspire me to write more and be more creative. So, as I come to my last couple of days in Bali, has it panned out that way? Basically, yes. And no.Continue reading “Does a beautiful environment promote productivity?”

Promoting Angelique Fawns

Please check out Angelique’s stories on my collaborative website “https://www.worldwriterscollective.com/angelique-fawns Planet Nine by Angelique Fawns A Journal of Magical Realism Anthology by The Gateway Review: gatewayreview.wordpress.com The story is Planet Nine, actually written under her own name. It will be in the Fall/Winter LGBT issue. It is set in the same futuristic society as “LiveContinue reading “Promoting Angelique Fawns”

How’s this for an office?

Beautiful Bali. From relaxing in the pool with my book, to writing on the patio as a thunderstorm rages. Awesome! I arrived yesterday (11/3), a brave solo traveller in these uncertain times of a world pandemic. So far there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Bali – fingers crossed this continues! It’s veryContinue reading “How’s this for an office?”

Promoting Jacqueline Cripps

Please check out Jacqueline’s two books on transforming your life, which have been published, from my collaborative website, where there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read. //www.worldwriterscollective.com/jacqueline-cripps Jacqueline Cripps | free-stories – Read Great StoriesJacqueline holds degrees in Social Sciences and Psychology and has a genuine love ofContinue reading “Promoting Jacqueline Cripps”

Promoting Louise Crossley

Please check out Louise’s children’s stories, of which several have been published, from my collaborative website https://www.louisecrossley.com, there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read: https://www.worldwriterscollective.com Great news!  Ella’s Handbag, Lollipop Whistle’s Woes and A Birthday Boy Named Jesus, already published in Oz, are contracted to an off shoreContinue reading “Promoting Louise Crossley”

Inspiration vacation

Here I am in beautiful Inverloch, in the south of Victoria (between Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory) for a two week vacation. I’m swimming as much as the weather permits, taking lots of walks, and trying to get my writing mojo flowing. It takes practice to balance being relaxed and being inspired. It’s easy toContinue reading “Inspiration vacation”

Promoting Peter Wigg

Please check out Peter’s short stories, of which some have been published, from my collaborative website “https://peterstales.home.blog“, there are also many great authors to chat to and other stories to read:  https://www.worldwriterscollective.com ‘I established this blog in order to publish the many short, pithy stories I have written,’ Peter says. ‘These vary greatly in lengthContinue reading “Promoting Peter Wigg”