Served Cold – a review

Served Cold by Alan Baxter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another exciting, and at times unsettling, read from Alan Baxter!
This collection of short stories had something for each emotion. There’s the hauntingly sad Her Grief In My halls; the unnerving The Goodbye Message; the creepy They All Come Through London In The End; and the angry, revengeful Served Cold.
My favourite stories were:
– In Vaulted Halls Entombed, where a group of soldiers encounter otherworldly evil that breaks their bodies and minds; and
– Yellowheart, where a group a group of friends go to a cabin for weekend, and ingest some ‘alternative’ mushrooms. If you’ve ever read horror, or watched any ‘cabin in the woods’ horror films, you’ll know there’s nothing good awaiting these friends on their weekend away.
I’ve read a few Alan Baxter books now, and never fails to deliver an engaging story (in this case, stories), filled with the macabre, the eerie, and the dreadful. Highly recommended!

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